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Jessica’s House

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 In March of 2016 a proposal was brought forward to the South Huron Hospital Foundation to consider the build of a hospice for South Huron. It was felt that South Huron and surrounding area lacked appropriate support and resources for end-of-life care. The hospice plan proposed to the Foundation- Jessica’s House- was inspired by the loss of a beloved young member of our community, Jessica Hamather. After a review with key stakeholders, the Foundation motioned to support the proposed need for a local hospice, and powered by a volunteer-led steering committee, the campaign for Jessica’s House Hospice was launched. The community responded enthusiastically, fuelling a $3.4 million dollar campaign, which led to the doors of Jessica’s House Hospice opening officially on June 18, 2018. 

At first the South Huron Hospital Foundation acted as the governance board for Jessica’s House- though the hospice had its own Operating Committee and Executive Staff. The plan was to have the Foundation remain connected with Jessica’s House for at least two years of operation, or until it was evident that the hospice could remain financially self-sustainable. Thanks to some partial Ministry funding, and ongoing community support for Jessica’s House, the hospice has continued to flourish and thrive. Thus, in the spring of 2022, the South Huron Hospital Foundation and Jessica’s House motioned to become two officially separate entities (though still partners in the community), establishing an independent governance body for Jessica’s House. While financially and legally the organizations are separate, we share a community bond that runs deep, and we are both committed to serving the healthcare needs of our community.

Both the South Huron Hospital Foundation and Jessica’s House Hospice are grateful for the kind of support this community provides to organizations like ours. Your support allows us to serve you, your family, friends, and neighbours. It is our privilege to fund access to exceptional care in South Huron and surrounding area.